• Trollyasha

    James Harris

    Hey everyone!!! Whose ready for some PUDDING!!!!!!! Im just a guy on the east coast who works too much but I like to play many many games, or rage on Mario Maker (ugh.....those worlds) on the Wii U of course or play something on my Xbox One, PS2, Gamecube/Wii or my Nintendo 3DS. I hope you come by and watch!!!...Read More

  • UndertakerAndre

    Just another N7 Opperstive-wannabe that plays too much Destiny... also I'm a Twitch streamer sometimes....Read More

  • V3ngefulKisses


    Between being a mom and a gamer my life gets pretty crazy. I play Elder Scrolls, Dont Starve, Call of Duty, Destiny, Halo and many other games...Read More

  • fatalitykx

    Tyler Walker

    I'm a gamer, IT guy, I play around with graphic design, and a Twitch streamer. I play a variety of games....Read More