• Trollyasha

    James Harris

    Hey everyone!!! Whose ready for some PUDDING!!!!!!! Im just a guy on the east coast who works too much but I like to play many many games, or rage on Mario Maker (ugh.....those worlds) on the Wii U of course or play something on my Xbox One, PS2, Gamecube/Wii or my Nintendo 3DS. I hope you come by and watch!!!...Read More

  • JayGatsby

    Just your average gamer here!...Read More

  • UndertakerAndre

    Just another N7 Opperstive-wannabe that plays too much Destiny... also I'm a Twitch streamer sometimes....Read More

  • EndersOmen

    Brandon Gaskin

    Enders Sexually Identifys as a Dragon. That is all....Read More

  • Kinamann

    Knut Lund

    Yo hows it going? I'm serious gamer who loves shooting things! Ever since I reached rank 50 in Halo 3 i been practising my aim. This last year though the PC (master race) has made me leave my xbox almost completly. Now I mainly stream what I like to think as high level H1Z1 and of course some other fun games from time to time. Meeting new people is the best part of my stream so don't be shy to stop by! ...Read More

  • V3ngefulKisses


    Between being a mom and a gamer my life gets pretty crazy. I play Elder Scrolls, Dont Starve, Call of Duty, Destiny, Halo and many other games...Read More