Destiny Weekly Reset 11/1

Tue 1st Nov 2016 - 3:35pm : Gaming

It’s Destiny Weekly Reset! Every week on Tuesday everything in the game is refreshed, such as Nightfall, Prison, Crucible, and raids. Unique to this reset is that Festival of the Lost is still available. It will end on November 8th. So let’s get to it!


At this point in time, the relevance of past raids is moot and therefore the weekly challenge for Kings Fall will not be mentioned as the strike playlists drop rewards higher than Kings Fall.


Nightfall this week is the Abomination Heist featuring Arc Burn where arc damage from all sources is greatly increased, Specialist where damage from special weapons is greatly increased, Juggler where ammo for the weapon currently in use will not drop, and Airborne where damage is greatly increased while (of course) airborne.


Following similar modifiers, the Heroic Playlist is Specialist, Juggler, and Airborne.


The Challenge of the Elders this week is Overmind Minotaur for Round 1, Val Aru’un for Round 2, and the Wretched Knight for Round 3. The modifiers this week are Berserk where Minions of Darkness won't flinch, even after massive damage, Specialist, and Precision Kill Bonus where precision kills earn more points.


House of Judgement bounties this week include Earn points in CoE, 75 Precision Shots, and 30 Void Ability Kills.


Queen’s Wrath bounties this week include Kill the Blighted Descendant, Kill 12 Consumed on Venus, and Kill 100 Taken.


Lastly the weekly Crucible Playlists are Inferno Rumble and Zone Control. Lord Shaxx weekly bounty this week is for Clash match type! The requirements are Complete 7 Matches, 50 Primary Kills, 25 Assisted Kills, 25 Ability Kills.


Rise of Iron Refreshes!


Tyra has Memory of Jolder which removes Sprint cooldown, Memory of Silimar which grants resistance to damage over time attacks, and Memory of timu which temporarily turns targets against its allies.


Shiro-4 bounties this week include Complete 5 Public Events, Complete 10 Patrols, Complete 4 Dregs Archon’s Forge Offerings, and Complete 4 Shanks Archon’s Forge Offerings.


Unfortunately, no mention of Iron Banner or Wrath of the Machine challenge mode this week. We’ll keep our eyes out and make an update post on when these will be released. Thanks for reading and stay current on all the news coming from V3ngeful Gaming!





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    Excited for Arc Burn and Specialist on Nightfall!

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