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Rise of Iron: Strike Specific Loot List
***this is a work in progress***

Note: All these drops come from the Skeleton Chest, not the boss itself.

The Wretched Eye
* Anathema Canon Mark (Titan Mark)

Hive Abomination AKA SIVA Phogoth
* Mongrel Ogre's Grasps (Hunter Gauntlets)

Sepiks Perfected
* Sepiks Deposed Bond (Warlock Bond)

Skeleton Key Chest
* Devil's Dawn (Sniper Rifle), new strikes only
* Rustworn Cloak (Hunter Cloak)
* Hood of the Night Sun (Hunter Cloak)
* Cloak of Atropos (Hunter Cloak)
* Cloak of the Leopard (Hunter Cloak)
* Cloak of Hidden Agendas (Hunter Cloak)
* Octopus Cloak (Hunter Cloak)
* Cloak of Trekmor (Hunter Cloak)
* Mark of Resolve (Titan Mark)
* Mark of the New Sun (Titan Mark)
* Paradox and Truth (Warlock Bond)
* The Unconquerable (Warlock Bond)
* Bond of Polarity (Warlock Bond)
* Trained Chaos (Warlock Bond)

Taken King Strike Specific Loot List

Blighted Chalice
* Hood of Malok (Hunter Helm)

Cerberus Vae VII
* Treads Upon Stars (Scout Rifle)

Dust Palace
* Treads Upon Stars
* Void Flares Mantle
* Solar Flayer Mantle
* Arc Flayer Mantle

Echo Chamber
* Imago Loop (Hand Cannon)
* Theosyion Vibrissae Gauntlets

Fallen S.A.B.E.R.
* Baron's Ambition (Heavy Machine Gun)
* Devouring Maw (Warlock Helm)

Shadow Thief
* Baron's Ambition (Heavy Machine Gun)
* Cloak of Taniks (Hunter Cloak)
* Does Not Bow (Auto Rifle)

Shield Brothers
* Mau'ual's Maulers (Titan Gauntlets)
* Treads Upon Stars (Scout Rifle)

Sunless Cell
* Darkblade's Spite (Fusion Rifle)
* Darkblade's Helm (Titan Helm)

Undying Mind
* Imago Loop (Hand Cannon)
* Mark of the Undying Mind (Titan Mark)

Will of Crota
* Grasp of Malok (Pulse Rifle)
* Omnigul Bond (Warlock Bond)

Winter's Run
* Taken Will (Shotgun)




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