Trials of Osiris 3/18/16

Fri 18th Mar 2016 - 5:41pm : Gaming

Current Map: Widow’s Court



Rewards aren’t totally determined by wins and losses – you’ll still get plenty of rewards after the game. It’s important to work towards completing these bounties while you play.

  • Trials bounties have a small chance to reward Exotics.
  • Complete these for XP, and a mix of Legendary Marks & Trials packages.
  • You can complete regular Crucible bounties in Trials!
Attack of Opportunity Defeat 5 opposing Guardians who have already been damaged by a teammate.
His Eye Upon You Complete 10 Trials matches. As a Trials Fireteam, defeat 75 opposing Guardians.
Persistence Defeat 10 opposing Guardians in the Trials of Osiris.
Physician Revive 5 teammates in the Trials of Osiris.
Trials Journeyman Win 3 individual rounds in the Trials of Osiris.
Valor’s Reward

Earn 75 points in Trials by round wins (+3), losses (+1), and ties (+1). As a Trials Fireteam, defeat 3 opposing Guardians without anyone in your Fireteam dying.




  • Requires a minimum Character Level of 40
  • Requires a minimum Light of 251; Recommended Light is 290
  • Winning teams receive Trials gear at the end of the match


  • 300+ armor & weapons will drop.
  • Adept weapons are in the Lighthouse chest and have an intrinsic perk. No elemental damage.
  • The last weapon perk rolls randomly from a set of choices.

Click on a weapon to see all available perks.

All Adept weapons have the intrinsic Last Resort perk – This weapon handles and reloads faster when the wielder is the last living player of their Fireteam.

The Water Star (Adept) Hand Cannon RoF, Reload, AA
Doctrine of Passing (Adept) Auto Rifle RoF
Reflection Sum (Adept) Pulse Rifle Stability
The Inward Lamp (Adept) Scout Rifle RoF
Glass Promontory Sniper Rifle RoF, Range, Reload
Elevating Vision Fusion Rifle Impact
Binary Dawn Shotgun Impact
The Tamarind Rocket Launcher Reload, Velocity
The Unseeing Eye Machine Gun Impact, Stability


Warlock ArmorHunter ArmorTitan Armor
Blind Jackal Mask


Winged Sun Vestments

Winged Sun Gloves

Winged Sun Boots

Burning Eye Mask


Winged Sun Vest

Winged Sun Sleeves

Winged Sun Legs

Golden Bull Mask


Winged Sun Plate

Winged Sun Gauntlets

Winged Sun Greaves




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