Destiny Weekly Reset 11/8/16

Tue 8th Nov 2016 - 6:07pm

Destiny Reset: Week of 11/8


Festival of the Lost has left us and in this void we have...Iron Banner! IB this month is Control, and remember these wise words: two points is enough! Anyway, let’s get into it for this weeks reset.


Beginning at the Iron Temple we have…


Iron Lord Artifacts this week are Memory of Felwinter where you lose your super but gain an extra melee and grenade charge, Memory of Skory recharge nearby allies super when your super is full, and Memory Perun highlight full light and low health guardians.


Cayde-6 wannabe’s bounties this week are complete five Public Events, kill ten Fallen Majors and Ultras, complete four Archons Forge Dreg offerings, and complete four Archons Forge Servitor offerings. All these bounties can be completed by just hanging around the Forge for awhile, so get out there guardian!


Nightfall this week is Blighted Chalice with Match Game where troops have variable elemental shields, Fresh Troops where some enemy spawns contain more enemies, Small Arms where primary weapon damage is boosted,  and Berserk where enemies of the darkness (including Malok) won’t flinch even after significant damage.


The Heroic Playlist this week is Juggler where the currently equipped weapons ammo will not drop, Specialist where special weapon damage is boosted, and Solar Burn where all solar based damage is boosted. Get those solar snipers out and rip through bosses this week! A great way to farm rep this week.


Crucible this week is Freelance 6v6 where you have to go in solo and Mayhem Rumble where guardians receive a quick charge on all abilities.


This weeks Shaxx Bounty this week is Control, special for Iron Banner! You have to play seven matches, get thirty advantage kills which is kills while owning two or more points, fifteen captures, and a single B-Line trophy.


Challenge of Elders this week is Earn Points, kill forty enemies with grenades, and get thirty void ability kills. The bonus points this week is Super Kills!


Last, but not least, is Wrath of the Machine! This week they have unveiled Aksis challenge. That might have been impressive had the challenge not basically already been figured out and beaten shortly after reset. The challenge is to supercharge for each teleport Aksis makes. Whats supercharging? Well, Aksis will teleport to one of many locations in the final room. Wherever he doesn’t teleport to can slam the pad where the servitors go and supercharge, which recharges the entire parties supers. Easy right? In my poke around Google, I didn’t find anything stating that the supercharge has to happen before Aksis is slammed however I am assuming that the option to supercharge will not be available after slamming Aksis. So, timing is everything.


Good luck, good fun, and happy Iron Banner!





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