Iron Banner Update

Fri 22nd Apr 2016 - 4:56pm

In the first Iron Banner after the April Update, you’ll experience some changes we’ve made to improve the reward experience. Legendary Engrams are great and all, but if you’re playing Iron Banner, it’s more likely that you want some of that sweet Iron Banner gear. So you should expect to see more Iron Banner gear next week instead of Legendary Engrams. Iron Banner gear will now have a chance to drop after every match you play – no more waiting until Rank 2.

Also, to address the Fallen Walker in the room: Some of you were adamant that your reward experience wasn’t consistent with your fellow Guardians. We did some digging and uncovered a reward logic issue that blocked some of your rewards prior to Rank 5 in Iron Banner. That issue was resolved in the April Update.

  • Lord Saladin’s inventory has been updated with items at Ranks 3-5, some with re-rolled perks
  • Rank package rewards have been adjusted:
    • Increased Rank 3 package Artifact to 320 Light
    • Increased Rank 5 package Ghost to 320 Light
  • Rank 5 packages can now reward items from the current event
  • Iron Banner Armor and Weapons can now be earned at Rank 0 at the end-of-activity
  • Removed Legendary Engrams from the possible end-of-activity rewards list, creating a greater chance to receive Iron Banner specific items
  • “Iron Domination” daily bounty now requires completing a match with a personal score of 1500 instead of winning a match with 2500
  • “Iron Versatility” bounty now only requires 7 Heavy Weapon kills to complete
  • Fixed an issue where players below Rank 5 could roll a reward they were ineligible for, resulting in no reward being given
  • Fixed an issue where the Iron Banner ship was missing a part of its frame

Auto Rifle

Rocket Launcher

Hunter Armor

Titan Armor

Warlock Armor

PlayStation Armor




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