V3ngeful Gaming was created on a whim in April 2012 by three original creators. What started as a gaming community that focused solely on Call of Duty, has expanded and changed over the years.

Today V3ngeful Gaming is a Mulit-Platform Community, Clan and Competitive Gaming Organization.

We play many popular games and keep up with what’s current in the gaming world. Our fans and community stand behind V3ngeful and help propel us forward and closer to the pro circuit.

V3ngeful offers members a chance to not only be part of a sponsored team but also to enjoy the company of others and make new friends. Monthly members are given the chance to earn gear through monthly giveaways and more. We also have member nights, twice a week. This is when you can take advantage of the whole squad being on and wanting to game with you. We encourage all of our members to post and tag us on social media.

We mentioned sponsored... V3ngeful Gaming works hard to have sponsors not only support us but to also share these products with you. Monthly giveaways will usually include two or more items from a sponsor! 

Heres the thing, at V3ngeful Gaming we run as a team. We are together in this gaming adventure and are like a second family to each other. We want more people like that. We encourage you to come hang out, have fun, laugh, game and make memories together. 


To join just head over to our Discord!!